Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World

It’s time to write my first review.  I can think of nothing I’d rather start with than my recent vacation to Walt Disney World.

Before I begin let me say this in case you’re curious. There is really nothing any different from my reviews than any other review out there. The fact that I say “Just a Christian Dad” has nothing to do with specifics of what or how I’ll review.

I’m not going to push my personal beliefs on anyone. As far as this Disney review goes, the furthest I can say it goes with my belief is that I cannot review any beer or wine because I don’t drink any.

That’s not to say I’m judging anyone who does. Be they a Christian or non believer. It isn’t my place to judge that.

I can only give my experiences.  Nothing more.

So apart from the not reviewing beer & wine… the only other Christian aspect is that we prayed before each meal. We also prayed for God to let us have a safe and enjoyable vacation. Which I do believe he did.

Now back to the review of Walt Disney World.

If you haven’t been to Disney World, GO, NOW!

If you have already been… eh, who am I kidding.  GO BACK, NOW!

But in all seriousness, we had a very fun time and I hope to share some of my experiences in this review for those who are curious.  I’m sure I’ll review specific places we ate and visited at a later time.  For now, this is just a general review of Disney World itself.

Lets get started.

So out vacation was in November of 2012, early part of November because we wanted to beat the Thanksgiving crowds but still see the Christmas decorations.  The decorations were awesome too.

The crowds were very small around this time but on our last day it was CRAZY packed.  We were there for a total of 6 days and 5 nights but we only went into the parks for 4 days.

How did that happen?  You may be asking.

Well… the first day we were too tired to go into any park so we lounged around the resort we stayed at.  The last day, we left early since we drove home so we didn’t get a chance to go into any parks that day either.

Moving on…

Where did we stay?

Port Orleans – Riverside

I honestly had my doubts about this resort when we booked it.   I thought it was kind’a boring at first.

Sure, it has a nice Southern theme going and the river view is amazing… but I really wanted to stay at the Wilderness Lodge.  But Alas… I don’t have the kind of money that was going to cost.

Anyway… Port Orleans was still by far more amazing than I thought it would be.

It was neither packed nor empty, probably because of the time of year we went but nonetheless, perfect.

We had a preferred room.  I do recommend this if you want to be near the main building and also the bus depot.

The pictures I had seen of the room did NOT do it justice.  I thought it was going to be a lot smaller based on the pictures.  It was actually a very large room.

The beds frame looked to be made out of wood and my daughter still claims she’s sure it really was.  I personally think it was just a very professional replica but not real wood.

Doesn’t matter really.  The kid loved it and that’s all that matters.

She did love the trundle bed more.  I may add a picture sometime but she would crash on it every night.  The cutest thing about the trundle is the cartoon alligator from Princess & the Frog that’s painted on the side.

Of course we didn’t sleep the whole time, we did have to eat and so I’ll mention a little about the food court even though I’ll give a full separate review of that later.

The food court was better than I thought it was be as well.  I had expected the options to be comparable to a school/ hospital cafeteria but it wasn’t.  I actually still miss the cheeseburger they served here.

The last thing to mention about the resort is the activities they have for you to do, as if the parks don’t offer enough.

Now, I can only actually review two things since that’s all we did.  I’ll name other activities I know of as well but cannot gurantee they’re worth the time.

Swimming pool – was heated and the weather was perfect, even in early November

Arcade – eh, a little expensive but most are.  They have debit style game cards that can be reloaded with money.

Okay, again, I’ll name other activities now but can only name them, no experience with them at all.

  • Ferry Boat to Downtown Disney
  • Bike Rental
  • Boat Rental
  • Horse & Buggy Ride
  • Fishing
  • Pirate Adventure
  • Hair Braiding

It was really a let down that I wasn’t able to try the fishing.  I had planned on doing this for MONTHS with my daughter.  The thought of catching her first fish at Disney World would have been awesome.  But God willing, I’ll be able to next time.

I’m now going to break this down and give a to the park’s review and later add a review of each dinning experience.

Disney World is by far the best place I have ever went to for vacation.  True, part of that reason is because my daughter had the time of her life but the other part is because, well, I did too!

Review of Disney World Parks

My Likes:  Hollywood Studios, all 4 dinning places, chef’s treatment of dietary needs, seeing my daughter have the time of her life.

My Dislikes:  There is NOT enough bathrooms in the Magic Kingdom.  That’s all.

My Daughters Likes: She hasn’t told me yet.

My Daughters Dislikes: She hasn’t told me yet.

Overall I give Disney World a: starstarstarstarstar

Overall my daughter gives it a: starstarstarstarstar

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